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Digital DJs Have New Ways to ‘Spin’ Their Tracks

September 23, 2018

If you've been to a club, festival, pool party, or bar mitzvah in the past few years and taken a peek at the DJ booth, you've seen somebody using Traktor. The widely beloved app, made by the Berlin company Native Instruments, lets a performer seamlessly mix together tracks from their MP3 library to make a […]

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The Contested Legacy of Lauryn Hills Miseducation

September 2, 2018

Twenty years after its release, a subject of controversy for the better part of 15 years. From scrutiny of her romances, criticism of her live performances, complaints from band members and collaborators, and at the forefront of popular culture. The most charismatic and stardom-ready member of The Fugees, shed been singled out even before the […]

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iHeartRadio is using AI to smooth transitions between tracks

August 27, 2018

Image: IHEARTRADIO What’s been missing from streaming services? The DJ — the person who can smoothly navigate the delicate transition between songs. Well, iHeartRadio thinks the fix for this is artificial intelligence. Yes, the company believes that software will fix those awkward, disruptive transitions between songs when you’re listening to a playlist or personalized radio […]

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25+ Worst Classic Album Art According To Vintage Everyday That Will Leave You Asking Why?

August 24, 2018

None of these albums covers look cool. Surely they didn’t even in the darkest days of the 70’s and 80’s, when fashions in clothing and facial hair were at their most questionable. These are, according to Vintage Everyday, some of the worst and creepiest examples of album cover art ever dreamed up. They are so […]

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Fairness Win: The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Is Removing Every Musician Who Used Marijuana To Help In Writing Their Songs

August 13, 2018

Rock music has captured America’s imagination for decades, but there is a longstanding underbelly of the industry that no one ever seems to want to talk about. But now one major institution is opening a dialogue and righting a major wrong: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is removing every musician who used marijuana […]

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How Phish became the unlikely heroes of digital music streaming

August 5, 2018

Phish, the unsung pioneers of digital streaming musicImage: Brantley Gutierrez/Phish As Phish recently prepared to hit the road for their annual summer tour, I found myself digging in the dark reaches of a closet to locate a binder I’d filled with dozens of CD recordings of the jam band’s live shows.  Every show is a […]

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Techno titan Nina Kraviz: ‘People were suspicious of a pretty woman making music’

August 2, 2018

The Russian producer became technos most divisive figure after filming an interview in the bath. Here, she discusses sexism, her emotional DJ sets and raving on the Great Wall of China Musicians are often said to be on top of the world, but rarely are they actually perched on one of its wonders. Way up […]

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Elvis Costello reveals cancer diagnosis as he cancels tour dates

July 19, 2018

Small but very aggressive cancer has been operated on, but recovery forces songwriter to pull out of tour Elvis Costello has revealed he was recently diagnosed with a small but very aggressive cancerous malignancy and has cancelled tour dates while he recovers from the subsequent treatment.

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The Backstreet Boys are back, performing ‘I Want It That Way’ on Jimmy Fallon

July 17, 2018

It’s still a jam. The Backstreet Boys dropped into the The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night, performing their classic of classics, “I Want It That Way,” on classroom instruments with The Roots and Fallon. While some of the boy band’s voices might’ve changed over the years, our love for them certainly hasn’t, […]

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The Aural Magic of Stanford’s Laptop Orchestra

July 6, 2018

Ten days before the big concert, the members of the Stanford Laptop Orchestra are performing technology triage. Rehearsal has only just started, but already, things seemed to be falling apart. First there was trouble with the network that connects the laptops to one another. Then one of the laptops crashed; its human component, a graduate […]

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