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Watch Out! Here Come the Woke Tech Oligarchs.

August 2, 2018

Once the rich protected themselves by aligning with Republicans who would protect their property from high taxes and their firms from regulation. Some still donotably the three of the four largest billionaire political donorshedge fund manager James Simon and his wife Marilyn, Michael Bloomberg, and currency speculator George Sorostitled progressive. This reflects a broader social […]

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You can buy the NES Classic and SNES Classic on Amazon now

August 1, 2018

If you missed the first few rounds of excitement about Nintendo’s mini nostalgia machines, you’ve got another shot at paying a normal price. Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic consoles aren’t always easy to find, but they’re now available from Amazon for $59.99 (NES Classic) and $79.99 (SNES Classic). You can place an order for either […]

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Is insurance a rich enough game to disrupt?

July 15, 2018

Martha Notaras Tech giants may be tempted to use their troves of data to compete with insurers directly. They also have access to data that insurers can only dream of having: global geospatial imagery of homes, infrastructure and buildings; location, browsing and advertising data; even real-world behavioral data from smartphones and IoT devices. Combining all […]

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Hands on with Amazon Alexa for Hospitality: A hotel room with a voice

July 5, 2018

Alexa for Hospitality is Amazon's push to bring its voice technology to hotel rooms.Image: Pete Pachal/Mashable “Alexa, can I get a toothbrush?” At the mention of Amazon’s digital assistant, the light ring on the white Echo Plus sitting on the end table lights up, then blinks for a second after the question is asked. Ordinarily, […]

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Why Tech Worker Dissent Is Going Viral

July 4, 2018

Silicon Valley has a long and secretive history of building hardware and software for the military and law enforcement. In contrast, a recent wave of employee protests against some of those government contracts has been short, fast, and surprisingly public—tearing through corporate campuses, mailing lists, and message boards inside some of the world’s most powerful […]

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Underpaid and exhausted: the human cost of your Kindle

June 17, 2018

In the Chinese city of Hengyang, we find a fatigued, disposable workforce assembling gadgets for Amazon, owned by the worlds richest man. Five oclock in the morning and the young womans eyelids are drooping. All night she has been removing spots of dust from China would struggle to find it on a map. The morning […]

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