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Caitlyn Jenner Is Staying Outta The Spotlight & Secretly Fighting Trump’s White House for Transgender Rights Really?

Caitlyn Jenner is apparently doing things differently this time.

The reality TV star used to make headlines almost every day — between the media tracking her every move of her transition and controversial Republican views. But now the 68-year-old wants the world to know that even though she’s out of the spotlight, she’s actually still working hard in politics.

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In her first sit-down interview in over a year, Caitlyn opens up about her new approach to fighting for transgender rights.

The most notable change to her approach is by staying out of the media:

“I don’t do a lot of media. I don’t want to be seen everywhere. Today, I’m very politically involved. Nobody really knows it. I do it very quietly because I have been so criticized by the liberal side of the media. I can get more things done if I don’t stick my nose into everything publicly. I like going to Washington, D.C., doing what I do, but doing it quietly.”

Jenner continues with that she’s met with Paul Ryan, and just about anyone who will listen to her as Republican liaison on Capitol Hill:

“I met with Paul Ryan. I’ve met with just about everybody. Publicly, they aren’t supportive of transgender rights.”

But the article continues with a quote from Margaret Hoover, the president of the American Unity Fund, a Republican-funded group that advocates for LGBTQ rights, on the reality star’s unique position to use her celebrity to educate:

“Think of your average Republican in Washington. It’s basically like every white friend of your 70-year-old dad. At the 1976 Olympic Games, they were all in the prime of their life, and Bruce Jenner was their hero. They idolized Bruce.”

Hmm, maybe they’ll be willing to listen. But wait, what about that time Caitlyn said she supported Trump?

“Get over it! I honestly don’t know what happened when he got in there. It was extraordinarily disappointing.”

“He’s not been doing a very good job, but it’s not over yet.

At this point, her focus is on painting the transgender community in a positive light the best way a Kardashian-Jenner would know how — with selfies.

“If I’m out, I take a minimum of 30 selfies with people,” she says. “It drives everyone around me crazy.” This isn’t done out of vanity. She’s trying to prove a point. “That may be the first time they’ve met anybody who’s trans,” Jenner says about her interactions with her fans. “I want that to be a pleasurable experience. I want to be nice to people. I want to have a smile on my face. And they walk away and say, ‘Oh, my God! Caitlyn was so nice.’ That’s the way I want them to think of trans people. That we’re nice.”

You can check out the rest of the article in the latest issue of Variety, or check out cover photo in the gallery (above).

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