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25+ Worst Classic Album Art According To Vintage Everyday That Will Leave You Asking Why?

They will tell you that it’s all about the music. If your tunes are strong, people will come! But first impressions count too, especially back in the day when these albums where released and people often made their purchases based on what looked cool in the record shop.

None of these albums covers look cool. Surely they didn’t even in the darkest days of the 70’s and 80’s, when fashions in clothing and facial hair were at their most questionable. These are, according to Vintage Everyday, some of the worst and creepiest examples of album cover art ever dreamed up. They are so horribly bad, they’re actually good. Hilariously good! Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and don’t forget to upvote your faves!

#1 Dan Lenson – Barenaked Banjos

#2 Fos

#3 The Miracle At My House

#4 De Germa’s – Bananenlied

#5 Pauline And Randy – Help Me

#6 Dorothy – “Everybody’s Mother” Goes Country

#7 Ilona Staller – Ska Skatenati

#8 Jimmy Scott – Fallinf In Love Is Wonderful

#9 The Sounds Of Hjs Coming

#10 Vicki Jamison – He’s More Than Enough

#12 Olaf Sveen – Dance Party

#13 Danny Boy – Twist

#14 Romark – Relax… You’re Going To Lose Weight

#15 Craig Douglas – Cuddle Up With Craig

#16 Ronald Coyne – When God Smiled On

#17 Simple Man – Cuby+blizzards

#18 Bell – Do You Ever Get Lonely

#19 Paul Pincus And His Orchestra

#20 Aaron – Miten Ois?

#22 Catui – Irmao De Cor

#23 Teenager-Party

#24 Nancy Harmon’s – Double Portion

#25 The Happy Three – Answering Your Request

#26 Housewives’ Playtime

#27 Mallet Mischief

#28 Strech Forth Thy Hand

#29 Frank Crumit – Song Of The Prune

#30 Worst Classic Vinyl Album Cover Art

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